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RESULTS: Monday Mixed League Championship Round 6

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This week, drivers faced a new challenge in the form of car selection from the GT3 class. Most of the guys arrived early enough to experiment which car was quickest around the legendary Spa-Franchorchamps, with the Alpina being the clear favourite by the time Qualifying came round. Ben Haywood led the field with an impressive 2:15.738. It would be interesting to see who was brave enough for Eau Rouge without a lift off the throttle!

Race 1 saw Jason Brooks and Ross Rizzo made awesome starts, but both spinning on the first lap. A flustered Jason and Toby Goodman both threw their cars into the wall, and subsequently, early retirements. Ben and David Lord provided some great close racing mid-race, with the former taking the race win! Some close mid-pack racing by the Gold Coast boys. Gab Wild picks up 2nd, and a fastest lap by 3rd placed - David Lord. 

Race 2 featured Ben picking up where he left off with a dominant performance. However some bad luck further down the pack; Rob Cooper, Greg Parker, Toby, Josh Ganderton all requiring some time served in pitlane after some early shenanigans. David's car began to leave a nasty cloud of mist for his rivals and soon pulled over for retirement (forgot to switch from qualy to race setup!). Gab proved very quick this time out, setting the fastest lap (2:15.583), but he soon required a new set of rubber to keep up with his pace. 1. Ben Haywood, 2. Jason Brooks, 3. Ross Rizzo.

Race 3 included a reverse grid and an extra 5 laps to add to the challenge. Josh failed to capitalise on this format by spinning early from P1. Ross, on the other hand, took full advantage and found himself a handy lead! David and Toby's race hopes ended prematurely due to lengthy repairs and stop-go penalties from pit lane speeding. Josh and Jason found themselves in a fantastic battle for 3rd place. Josh proved he could keep cool under the pressure which eventually claimed Jason. Ben experimented with a bit of morse code on his rivals' bumpers until his first mistake of the night put him a lap down. Although he didn't give up, claiming a crucial 5th place from Rob. No one was capable of catching Ross, who claimed the race win and fastest lap for the Gold Coast team! Rounding out the podium was a consistent Gab and Josh.

Overall points awarded
1 Ben Haywood 10
2 Ross Rizzo 8
3 Gab Wild 6
4 Jason Brooks 5
5 Josh Ganderton 4
6 Rob Cooper 3
7 David Lord 2
8 Greg Parker 1


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