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RESULTS - Race to Reality Heat #7 - iRacing 10.4.13 (Road Atlanta - Short)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last week we returned to the Road Atlanta for Heat 7 of the Race To Reality competition. With some big names in the final already who was going to be the one to join them this week? Its a tough and very competitve feild so lets see how they go.

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As soon as the gates opened for qualifying almost the entire feild dropped the hammer to get out of pit lane. If that was a race within itself it would be V8sonline's very own Jay kennedy to take that prize. Luke Emerton playing it cool while he lets the carnage go ahead up the road enters with clear air.Robert Hartley & Tom R Jones were quick to post some impressive times but it was Phil Rockstroh who was the fastest in practice to break the 1min 6sec with a the first to post 1:05:962. Pushing hard and yet to post a qually time was Terry Nightingale. With an impressive practice session the crowd was eager to see what he could do. Tom R Jones also cracked the 1min 06 to post a pole position time of 1:05:926 with Terry Nightingale and Phil Rockstroh posted the exact same qually time of 1:05:941

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Green flag drops and its Tom R Jones leading Terry Nightingale and Phil Rockstroh into turn 1 and through the esses. The feild now formed in single file its a matter of seeing who is going to dive underbrakes. Over the back of the track now and they head in deep under brakes Phil tries to make a move on Terry but is forced to pull out and cut the track. Receiving a slow down penalty for his evassive efforts Phil is trying to let the feild pass without losing too much time to the leaders. He really feels that he has the pace to win this one and minimising the penalty is his goal. Unfortunately for Phil he does not back off in time and is handed a black flag by the Racecentre stewards. The only way to serve this is to make a stop and go. This promotes Robert Hartley into 3rd and Matthew E Hill into 4th. In the heat of the moment Phil had forgotten to tell the pitcrew not to change the tyres and top up the fuel. This has now cost him badly as the laeders are about to put him a lap down. Phil exits the pits and places himself between Tom Jones and Terry Nightingale in 1st and 2nd position. By now he should be seeing the blue flags waved at him but he holds his position for a couple laps. Phil was hoping that he could unlap himself knowing that he had the pace to stay out of harms way. Again this is causing greif amongst the feild as the gentlemanly thing to do when receiving a blue flag is to yeild your position to the drivers lapping you. Phil tries to dive deep under brakes again to overtake terry which he does but on the exit of the turn he scrubbed too much speed which caused Terry to bump Phil and Robert Hartley in turn bumped Terry. A very confusing moment indeed. A couple of laps later and on Turn 2 Matthew Hill and Robert Hartley come together skidding over the blind right hander. Matthew received a tow to the pits and retired while Hartley soldiers on in 5th with front right suspension damage.

With all the tussling going on in the back of the pack Tom R Jones in the Coastal Kitchens entry now has a 2.9 sec advantage over Terry Nightingale. Luke Emerton, Jonno Barrie both are having trouble with the tyres going off and looping the cars at the blind right hander. Phil keen to stay on the back of Jones and nightingale overshoots the long bend over the back of the track and and brings the car round in a slow motion spin. Jay Kennedy in 3rd is finding it hard to stay on track as he makes a couple of mistakes while Robert has reduced his deficit from 17sec to a 4.7 sec gap making it a fight for 3rd. Hartley's looking like a man posessed and his car is travelling like a crab across soft sand.

Robert Thomae is playing the Mr Consistancy role as everyone else is making the mistakes. This is bringing him up into a solid 5th position. Back ahead and its Hartley gaining and putting pressure on Kennedy as he is tight in Jay's slipstream which is visibly an advantage. With Jay struggling on old tyres he loops it on the exit of the kink before the bridge. Hartley narrowly misses and moves up into 3rd. This now sees Thomae knocking on the door of 4th with Jay Kennedy. While this action is going on we are missing the race up front where Nightingale is half a seond behind. With a spot in the Final at stake the boys are doing a fantastic job to maintain the pressure while staying on the track. Lap for lap the are unseperable. Tom jones has lead this from the green flag and i am sure he is not ready to give it up now. Nightingale probably saving on tyres ealier is now trying everymove around the track. Finally in the kink before the bridge overpass Nightingale gets a good run on the exit and they are side by side coming ove the hill into the penultimate corner. With Nightingale on the inside line he holds Jones firm on the outside to take the lead in spectacular fashion with 5 laps remaining. Jones now in the prime position to make the move to take the lead back. He tries to make it around the outside over the start/finish which sees him in front but having the outside line for turn 1 it was not going to stick. Coming up to lapped traffic and this race is intensifying. with 2 to go Jay Kennedy spins on Turn 2 right infront of the leaders. Fortunately he makes his way to the grass out of harms way while Robert Thomae and the leaders safely pass leaving the race to continue to a close finish. Tom Jones gave it all he had to regain the lead but it was not to be. Terry Nightingale cosses the line with the win with a dejected Tom Jones in 2nd. A special mention needs to got to Robert Hartley in 3rd as he battled his way back with a damaged car he managed to consistantly post laptimes in the 1:06's. Great Drive !!! Not quite the result he wanted Jay Kennedy did well mos of the night.

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Fin Pos Driver Start Pos Interval Fastest Lap Time
1 Terry Nightingale JR 2 0 01:06.1
2 Tom R Jones 1 -0.882 01:06.4
3 Robert Hartley 4 -57.2 01:06.1
4 Robby Thomae 7 -1 L 01:07.7
5 Phill Rockstroh 3 -1 L 01:06.2
6 Jay Kennedy 6 -1 L 01:06.5
7 Jonno Barrie 9 -23 L 01:07.6
8 Luke Emerton 8 -24 L 01:07.8
9 Matthew E Hill 5 -30 L 01:06.4


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