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RESULTS - Race to Reality Heat #6 - iRacing 27.3.13 (Oran Park Raceway)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last night was Heat #6 of the Race to Reality event at Oran Park Raceway. The coverage included a Live cross to the Racecentre store in Sydney who also played host to Mitchell Abrahall showing us a Hotlap around the iconic circuit.

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After an hour of practice the boys were keen to get into the 20 minute qualify to nail a hot lap. Jon Latham was quick to get off the mark by setting a 1:15:562 on his first attempt. Matthew E Hill was equally as impressive as he beat the time by 1/10th a lap later. He was quietly confident that he could set a better time but this was not to be as Mitchell Mcleod took provisional pole with 1:15:487 late in the session.

See Pics here:


With the top 6 all qualifying in the 1 min 15's it was going to be important to get off to a clean start. This is exactly what happened, to everyone's credit all the drivers got through turns 1 & 2 unscathed. Mitchell leading the way in front of Matthew E Hill and Jon Latham. Lap 2 saw Dylan Carroll and Phill Rockstroh exchanging touches as Phill shut the door too early leaving both with fender and suspension damage. Gavin Sadler found this out the hard way as unfortunately coming down the straight Phill battling to hold the car straight at speed hooked Gavin and both went through to the infield with what looked like the longest slide in history. Phill later apologised saying that he indeed had damage to the car.

Back in the pack there was a good battle going on with 5 drivers, Daniel Briant,Greg Robertson,Jay Kennedy,Phill Rockstroh and Colin Schwecke. All were driving trying to break free but Daniel was doing well to hold his line and keep them at bay. Phill would try to go round Daniel around the outside through the kink in turn one but just ran out of real estate seeing him slide across the sand trap just missing the wall.

It looked like for a moment that V8's online founders Daniel Briant and Jay Kennedy were keen to continue the show that they started in last weeks heat at Okayama. They again provided some entertaining viewing.

With some retirements through the race Michael Gray would find himself climb the ranks,starting in 11th into 5th place. Guy Leach also found himself at the pointy end with a great drive but this was not as easy as Adrian Stratford was doing his best on keeping him honest before eventually retiring on lap 14.

A huge huge mention has to go to Anthony Kernich as an early incident saw him pit on Lap 1 and become the silent assassin as he would be picking off drivers one by one. From dropping to 14th position he would finish a gallant 4th.

Towards the close of the race everyone had there money on Mitchell Mcleod walking away with the win but the punters were choking on their chickens as Jon Latham with 3 laps to go was gaining at a rapid rate. The draft down the straight would see him within .03 secs of Mitchell on the penultimate lap, almost clipping Mitchell under brakes on turn 2 he could sniff victory. Both went over the bridge glued bumper to bumper and through the next two turn you could see that Jon was choosing his moment. Like the last final yards in the Melbourne cup you could hear the crowd rise to their feet to watch the closest finish in Race To Reality history. Both made it through the esses and coming into Suttons corner Jon just clipped the dirt and turned it into the wall. Mitchell brought it home for a solid win with Jon bringing his battered machine in second. Guy would round out the podium in third with a very impressive Anthony Kernich .6 seconds behind.

Needless to say it was a great race and no one ended up choked on their chickens. Well done to all the drivers for great race.

We are going to be taking a break next week with Easter and will resume on the 10th April. If you know anyone that would like to enter this great event then please guide them to our website

Fin Pos Driver Start Pos Interval Fastest Lap Time
1 Mitchell McLeod 1 0 01:15.8
2 Jon Latham 3 -14.729 01:15.7
3 Guy Leach 9 -48.391 01:16.8
4 Anthony Kernich 5 -48.968 01:16.4
5 Michael Gray 11 -1:09.032 01:17.4
6 Jay Kennedy 14 -1 L 01:17.9
7 Daniel Briant 15 -1 L 01:17.7
8 Greg Robertson 12 -4 L 01:17.8
9 Jeremiah Morton 16 -5 L 01:19.5
10 Phill Rockstroh 4 -7 L 01:17.3
11 Colin Schwecke 8 -11 L 01:16.9
12 Adrian Stratford 7 -18 L 01:16.7
13 Robby Thomae 13 -27 L 01:18.4
14 Gavin Sadler 10 -29 L 01:17.7
15 Matthew E Hill 2 -31 L 01:20.2
16 Dylan Carroll 6 -31 L 01:20.4


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