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RESULTS: Race to Reality Heat #5 - iRacing 20.3.13 (Okayama International Circuit)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Check out the awesome coverage that V8sOnline put together last night for Heat #5 of the Race to Reality. Congratulations to Shaun Kelly who took out 1st Place and secured his position for the online final on 29th September 2013. Join us next time or better still - register and compete online!

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Some 400 km's south west of Tokyo was the setting for heat 5 of Racecentre's Race to Reality competiton. 40 minutes around the short course of Okayama international Circuit was definately going to be a tight and twisting providing for some great racing.


Gavin Sadler was keen to get out early to lay down a hot flyer before congestion on the track and he was quickly chased by John Emerson knowing that drafting is key with the Ford Coupe. Showing fantastic pace in the practice session Shaun Kelly further showed his dominance by setting the pace on his 3rd lap with a 59.398. this was not to be challenged. Phill left it to the last qually lap to jump to 3rd on the grid.


Everyone had lined up for the start early but Phill "leave it to the last minute" Rockstroh joined in with 10 seconds to spare. Apparently he was carb loading before he realised he had a race to run. All thumbs and fingers he managed to get off the line like Webber at the AGP. Shaun Kelly lead the feild through turn 1 cleanly but the same couldn't be said for Turn 2 as back in the pack Liam Collins dive in late under brakes and collected Jarryd Harvey turning him around in the double right hander. Unfortunately Greg Robertson came through with nowhere to go and joined the 2 needing some major panel repair.  

Shaun Kelly in his Easywerx coupe was setting the pace up the front as the top 5 started to settle in with minor mistakes made from any of them it left all eyes on the back of the pack. This is where we saw a great battle between Robert Thomae and iRFF's Gavin Sadler. This battle would last the entire race with no more then a second seperating them the entire time. Gavin was all over the back of Robert but credit to him he held his own for most of the race but on lap 24 Gavin would find his way past Robert and thats the way it stayed til the end.

John Emerson was holding Christian Aylward off his bumper until T1  of Lap 28 when he dropped a gear too many locking up the engine and  retiring from the race.

Just when you thought there was no more entertainment V8's online team mates Jay Kennedy and Daniel Briant would come together on the home straight ploughing into the wall.During the onboard interview with the pair we heard a lot of "It was his fault" " was his fault". this would continue as they looked like an old married couple hobbling back to the pits.

Congratulations goes to Shaun Kelly of Easyworx as he would lead the guys home with a faultless display of driving 12 seconds ahead of Matthew E Hill and Christian Aylward a further 4 seconds back.

Credit has to go to all drivers for a great display of driving, specially Gavin and Robert. Poor Phill had mechanical issues inside his helmet at the start of the race. Who knows wher ehe might of come. Colin Schwecke ran a solid 5th and Mr Greg "I had nowhere to go" Robertson came a credible 8th after his early incident.

Oh.... and thanks to the boys at V8's Online for providing the entertainment in the commentary box and on the track.... good to see. 



Fin Pos Driver Start Pos Car # Interval Fastest Lap Time
1 Shaun Kelly 1 37 0 59.768
2 Matthew E Hill 2 82 -12.54 59.846
3 Christian Aylward 5 16 -16.762 01:00.2
4 Phill Rockstroh 3 14 -32.08 01:00.6
5 Colin Schwecke 6 91 -37.523 01:00.7
6 Gavin Sadler 7 9 -1 L 01:01.4
7 Robert Thomae 8 15 -1 L 01:01.1
8 Greg Robertson 9 24 -1 L 01:01.9
9 Jarred G. Harvey 10 13 -3 L 01:01.9
10 Jay Kennedy 11 31 -6 L 01:01.4
11 Daniel Briant 13 33 -7 L 01:02.3
12 John Emerson 4 1 -12 L 01:00.1
13 Liam Collins 12 18 -13 L 01:02.3


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