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RESULTS: Race to Reality Heat #4 - iRacing 13.3.13 (Summit Point Raceway)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Heat #4 of Racecentre's Race To Reality was set at Summit Point Raceway on the full course. Some big names in the field last night and some big battles were expected.


Some early flyers were set by Phill Rockstroh and Matthew E Hill but this was soon over shadowed by the 2 top guns Mitchell Abrahall and Josh "Muggo" Muggleton. These two would swap provisional pole multiple times until Muggo layed down a 1:21:213 late in qualifying which stopped Mitchell from being able to start his final hotlap. Was this swapping of times a sign of things to come? Pole: Josh Muggleton 2nd Mitchell Abrahall & Matthew E Hill 3rd. All in the 1 minute 21's.

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The Race:

The green flag dropped and everyone got off cleanly bar two drivers at the back. Jarred Harvey dropped it hard causing the car to swing left straight into an unfortunate Liam Collins. Josh and Mitchell have now gapped the feild  after Lap 1. On Turn1 of Lap 2 Phill locks it up hard and drops 3 places. On the same turn Michael Manley makes his move stick on the same turn to get clear of Matthew E Hill and Dave Oliver. Over the next few laps you could throw a blanket over the 3 of them thanks to the benift of drafting down the main straight.
Guy leach was making advances ater earlier losing a couple of spots in the early stages of the race. Unfortunately he lost a bit of time as he was making a move on the kink and overun his braking zone ending up in the grass.

While Muggo and Mitchell continue to swap turns at the front Micheal,Matthew and Dave Oliver are still at it until both Matthew & Dave made uncharacteristic mistakes and left Michael to run the rest of the race by himself.
Josh was finding it very hard to shake Abrahall at the front. Not even a couple of excursions into the dirt would distract Mitchell from the tail of the Hyper Sim Ford Coupe. Mitchell eventually regained the lead once again as Muggo ran into some technical difficulties and ran into the tirewall directly under the V8's Online commentary box. Speking to Muggo's crew cheif it was apparent that the computer's software needed an untimely update.
Guy Leach and Dave Oliver looking like team mates found themselves in a good scrap for 5th and 6th eventually latching on the back of Desmond Hallam making it a 3 horse race. providing great entertainment the 3 would swap turns and run 2 wide through the kink. It was true driving skill as would not touch while pulling off some increadable moves. Dave and Desmond would eventually lock up under brakes and lose time while rejoining the track. A Galant drive from Guy Leach would see him make his way from 10th to a very impressive 3rd place. Maichael Manley drove a consistant race to finish 2nd and Mitchell Abrahall would finish a well deserved 1st place, securing the 4th seat in the Race To Reality iRacing Final.
Special mention goes to Robert Thomae as he drove solid race to finish 5th from his starting position of 10th. Not so lucky was phill Rockstroh who swowed early pace but due to some minor mistakes
Well Done to all the drivers who raced tonight as you provided some great  viewing with your driving talents.

See you all next week at Okayama !!!!

Fin Pos Driver Start Pos Car # Interval Fastest Lap Time
1 Mitchell Abrahall 2 31 0 01:21.7
2 Michael Manley 4 40 -26.148 01:22.5
3 Guy Leach 8 46 -38.515 01:22.4
4 Desmond Hallam 6 38 -42.758 01:22.8
5 Robert Thomae 10 15 -1:01.302 01:23.4
6 Phill Rockstroh 5 14 -1:16.729 01:22.5
7 Liam Collins 12 18 -1 L 01:24.1
8 Dave Oliver 7 9 -1 L 01:22.5
9 Joshua Muggleton 1 81 -11 L 01:21.7
10 Matthew E Hill 3 82 -21 L 01:22.3
11 Jarred G. Harvey 11 8 -27 L 01:24.3

By Shane Gilfeather


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