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EVENTS: Social Leagues # 2 now filling up... rego your interest now!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

MAD ABOUT RACING... but no million dollar budget?! 

Join the club!

That's why we created our Social League Nights.  Racecentre hosts friendly and competitive Championship Leagues held every fortnight. The Mixed League has 8 rounds, where we race a variety of cars and tracks that you guys suggest. You name it, you race it - from V8s, GT3s, Radicals, F1, Drift and more. You guys get to choose the track you want to race as well - anything like the old favorites of Bathurst and Monaco through to little tracks like Suzuka in Japan, or Barbagello in Perth - there are literally hundreds to choose from.

We also host a V8 League, where we mirror the V8 Championship wherever they are racing... its heaps of fun and you get a great understanding of the track before you watch the race!

The good news is that we've had so many responses for the first league, that we have now filled it completely and are starting registrations for a 2nd league!

The Mixed Championship League is only $400 for the season, that's just an INSANE $16/hr!! It definitely pays to be a member! Interested? Grab a couple of mates and sign up now :)

If its just you that can register, no worries... you can sign up by yourself meet some new friends who are mad about racing... just like you :)

Plenty of laughs, spins and crashes... heaps of fun beat those boring weeknights.

email us with your contact details and we'll send you rego information to get you started...


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