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EVENTS: A surprise V8 Supercar guest battles the Team from Beko!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The team from Beko blasted into Racecentre on Wednesday and were surprised with a guest appearance from V8 Supercar Star Tim Slade! The Lucky 7 driver dropped in to race against the Beko Team, with thanks to Kate @ Hickey Sports Marketing... but no prizes for guessing who had the advantage! The challenge was set for Barbagello and Bathurst, racing the difficult V8s at both tracks. 

Mike, Paul and the crew were keen to show off their skills, and after a few spins and false starts the team gradually started getting the hang of it and began lowering their lap times. It was fantastic to see the team laughing and having fun... exactly what its all about! Well, fun and WINNING!

Qualifying Rounds soon sorted out the fastest competitors, and we were surprised to see some of the senior team members doing really well - nice work guys. 

The final race was a tough one, with all drivers competing to be King of the Mountain @ Bathurst. Delighted to see that Ray fought off the others to take out the crown... well done mate, great effort showing the juniors how its done! No injuries, just a few bruised egos in the mix! Round 2 in a few months time should see a much tougher battle!

We would like to pass on our thanks to Mike and Paul @ Beko for showing their team a great day out and recognising their achievements. Well done guys, it was great to see a team with vision and positive leadership. Thanks to Kate for helping to organise the event and Tim for showing the Beko team how its really done!

Bring on Round 2! Good luck everyone :)

VIDEO of Tim Slade racing with the Beko Team: Click here.


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