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Welcome to Racecentre... operators of Australia's Most Advanced Racing Simulation Centres.

We provide dynamic racing experiences for individuals and groups to race against each other in our custom built full-motion, triple surround screen and surround sound simulators. Our simulators are the most advanced in Australia, giving motorsport fans the opportunity to experience the thrills of racing in a controlled, safe environment.

Racecentre has stores in Surfers Paradise QLD and Darling Harbour, NSW.  Set to dramatically change the way fans interact with motorsport, there are only a handful of professional racing simulation centres open to the public around the world... and now Australia can boast some of its own. Racecentre is designed to give drivers the most realistic racing experience possible. Choose any car, any track, worldwide!

F1 Race Simulator. V8 Race Simulator. Rally Simulator.

At Racecentre, we offer hundreds of different cars and tracks to race. You might choose a V8 Simulator, F1 Simulator, Lamborghini, Porsche, GT3, Drift, Formula Ford, Ferrari... even a Mini! With literally hundreds of different cars to choose from, it is good to come with an idea in mind of what you want to race.

Likewise our motorsport tracks are numerous. We race everywhere from Bathurst (Mt Panorama), Eastern Creek (Sydney Motorsport Park), Silverstone, Nordeschleife, Monza, Spa, Nurburgring, Daytona, Phillip Island, Queensland Raceway, Homebush, Oran Park, Pukekohe, Suzuka, just to name a few!

What could be more fun than barrelling down Conrod Straight in a pumping V8 with 7 of your mates at your side?

Or scraping the concrete barriers through the streets of Monaco in Mark Webber's F1 car while you're chasing the championship leader?

Racecentre - its full motion, full throttle!

Come on and join in the fun today!

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RESULTS: Tuesday Night State Of Origin - Game # 1 @ Eastern Creek NSW

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Every Year Racecentre likes to host the State Of Origin Series. As we have stores in both states it brings the guys together.....or apart depends on which way you look at it to battle it out on the racetrack. Thanks to RSM Racing for the mod and Pat O'Reilly for the paint jobs we got ourselves a beautiful looking race. There was no Qualify tonight as the grid was random for all 5 races. Lets see how they went..... 

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RESULTS: Thursday Night F1 League: Round 6 @ Monaco GP 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

The V6 Hybrids return for the second time to what is arguably the most challenging race on the calendar, the Monaco GP. With a completely new driver lineup to last year, who will we see take the chequered flag? 

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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League - Round 5 @ Winton VIC

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Winton Motor Raceway is always exciting and close because the circuit has a combination of long fast straights and twisty and tight bends. It is also known as "The Australia's Action Track". Dick Johnson once described the circuit being 'like running a marathon around your clothes-line'. That’s probably true and its quite punishing on the tyres as we saw the first ever pit stops taken during the 2nd race. 

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2015 V8 Championship - Winton VIC

1. Duran Nikora - 97 pts

2. Daniel Oppedisano - 84 pts

3. Nathan Tregarthen - 65 pts

4. Iain McIntosh - 63 pts

5. Enda Murphy - 49 pts

2015 F1 League - Monaco GP

1. Jaycie Richards - 89 pts

2. Shane Gilfeather - 81 pts

3. Adam Gill - 80 pts

4. Scott Daniels - 73 pts

5. Duran Nikora - 72 pts

2015 GT3 Championship - Dubai GP

1. Ross Rizzo - 57 pts

2. Pat O'Reilly - 56 pts

3. Nathan Tregarthen - 47 pts

4. Francarlo Rizzo - 46 pts

5. Allan Marks - 45 pts